About The Campaign

What is My Little Big Thing?

Young people are drivers of change in local communities.  They work for social development through activism, social movements and creative expressions. With the right support, young people can transform the world into a better place for all.

In line with Kenya’s development goals, MK-Africa – in partnership with Strathmore Business School and the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, South Africa (CISL SA) – is running an SDGs challenge targetting university students across the country.  Inspired by Wangari Maathai’s ‘little thing’ of planting trees, the competition aims to come up with the kind of simple ideas that will have a big impact.  The competition is challenging university students to develop simple ideas that are commercially viable that will contribute to the implementation of the SDGs in Kenya. Running from May 2017, the competition targets undergraduate students from universities and polytechnics across Kenya.


  1. Identify sustainability ideas that are commercially viable
  2. Contribute to sponsor company goals
  3. Fulfil Kenya’s SDGs commitments

The Campaign Sequence

The My Little Big Thing Campaign launches on 10th May 2017.

It is expected that the competition, which will run on digital platforms and social media, will attract at least 1,000 entries. From these, the best 15 will be short-listed by a select panel of judges moderated by audit firm, KPMG who will then take them through the ‘Business Foundry’ a comprehensive business skills training program.  At the end of this program, the finalists will be expected to write and present business proposals about their projects to a panel of industry leaders who will then select the best 7.  These will be given a promotion budget, which they will use to advertise their projects to the public who will vote for the top 3 winners through an online voting gallery.

The winners will win a place in the Sustainability Practitioners Programme that is run by University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership in Guateng, South Africa in August 2017.  Besides a tour of Johannesburg, the winners will also visit top companies in South Africa that have sustainability at their core including P&G South Africa, South African Airways among others.  They will then return to Kenya for a 3-month paid internship program where they will get support from top companies in developing their project prototypes.

Eric Omondi's Little Big Thing

Popular Comedian, Eric Omondi is the campaign ambassador for the My Little Big Thing Sustainability Innovation Challenge.  His ‘Little Big Thing’, is recycling vegetable oil for biodiesel production.  He is recycling cooking oil to fuel his car. Eric wants to scale up this idea into a business by starting his own cooking oil petrol station by participating in the ‘My Little Big Thing’ challenge.

Prizes To Be Won

  • Business skills training for top 15 finalists. This will guide them in developing their ideas into viable business plans which can interest potential investors
  • Exposure through high-level networking with industry leaders who will include well-known business icons and CEOs
  • An opportunity to receive training by a top university (Cambridge) globally recognized for its academic excellence
  • International experience through the visit to South Africa especially through the scheduled visits to the Johannesburg headquarters of South African Airways, P&G among others
  • Relevant work experience during the 3-month internship opportunities
  • Recognition and publicity through the social media campaigns as well as the planned awards gala in December 2017

How to Participate

Entry into the Competition

Example of projects to be submitted