The #MyLittleBigThing SDGs Youth Engagement Survey

The #MyLittleBigThing SDGs Youth Engagement Survey

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have set out an ambitious agenda for global development for the next fifteen years, leading up to 2030. As Africa moves from the commitment phase to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the need for illustrations of hands-on, practical innovation takes centre stage.

In 2017, MK-Africa launched the #MyLittleBigThing Universities Sustainability Innovation Challenge in partnership with KPMG and the Cambridge University Sustainability Leadership Institute in South Africa.

Inspired by Nobel laureate, the late Wangari Maathai’s ‘Little Thing’ of planting trees, the competition aims at encouraging the development of ideas that will help us to find the best home-grown solutions to Africa’s sustainability issues.



Last year the competition attracted entries from all over the country. The 2018 competition season has kicked off with a survey of SDGs awareness and engagement among Kenya’s youth. This survey, which closes at the end of January, aims to assess the awareness of the SDGs, to understand current youth participation in the SDGs and to identify insights and good practices of successful youth-led SDGs engagement.

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The target respondents in the survey are undergraduate university students (18- 35yrs of age) and data collection is through a structured questionnaire online survey. The expected outputs are a report for thought leadership. This report will be launched in February 2018 and will be followed by an in-depth review by university education stakeholders and representatives from the corporate sector and Government. This will be carried out in a series of events targeting young people across the country. Kenya’s adoption of the SDGs has created a space for innovative solutions to address the needs and aspirations of young people. It is fundamental to mainstream youth-led engagement at national level.